Our Process






  • Reduction of pollution and ecosystem restoration.
  • Reduction of waste that is meant to be disposed of at the landfills (over 2000 metric tons).
  • Due to proximity to the Dadora dumpsite, PPR is able to rescue condemned plastics from landfills.
  • Reduction of virgin plastics dependence by the manufacturers.
  • Inclusion of waste collectors into the recycling value chain.
  • Provide high quality, affordable raw materials to industries.
  • Currently outsourcing molding service for first finished product-Basin46cm.
  • Over 400 jobs created directly and 700 indirectly for the youth and women, with a bias on women at 80%.
  • Our collection strategy has established a network of 88 waste aggregators (microenterprises) in our collection.

Our solutions


A cleaner environment and ecosystem restoration Collection of waste from residentials and the environment around Nairobi urban areas.


Jobs creation and poverty eradication Processing waste into quality inputs and secondary raw materials.


Lowering dependency on imports and enhanced foreign exchange balance Production of compost fertilizer and supplying to plastics manufacturers.


Impact Replication through raising other recycling businesses.
Fabrication of recycling equipment for sale to upcoming recycling businesses, alongside training in operation and maintenance.